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NIMEX is also distributor for SisuDiesel.  You can contact us for spare parts and new engines.


We sell genuine spare parts for AGCO SISU POWER (former SisuDiesel) and Valmet engines and offer first class remanufactured engines with good price-quality ratio for all machines equipped with AGCO SISU POWER (former SisuDiesel) or Valmet engines.

Same manufacturing methods and standards apply to spare parts and remanufactured engines as to manufacture of new AGCO SISU POWER engines.

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Spare parts


The use of high quality, genuine AGCO SISU POWER spare parts ensures working reliability and long working life for engines. The price-quality ratio of a genuine spare part is also very competitive.

The right spare part for the engine is delivered swiftly and flexibly by AGCO SISU POWER Spare Part Sales and extensive partnership network. The genuine spare part is designed to fit perfectly to the engine by characteristics and dimensions. This ensures easy and quick installation.

AGCO SISU POWER Spare Part Sales use the latest engineering modifications. The availability of spare parts is guaranteed for at least 10 years after production of engine type is finished. In practice spare parts are available for engine models even more than 30 years old. In case manufacture of a spare part is finished, it will be replaced with a repair kit, which includes the new spare part and any additional modification parts possibly needed.

Genuine remanufactured Engines & parts


When planning major engine repairs, the genuine remanufactured AGCO SISU POWER engine is a noteworthy and good alternative. The knowhow and expertise cumulated during several decades will guarantee the high quality of AGCO SISU POWER remanufactured engines. These engines perfectly fit into your machine, both dimensionally and operationally, as they are made at AGCO SISU POWER (former Sisu Diesel) engine factory where also the original engine has been made. This is really a great advantage.


Availability of remanufactured AGCO SISU POWER engines is very good. If the original engine is AGCO SISU POWER, most likely we are able to offer an identical remanufactured engine.

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