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Mahle turbo's

BOSCH MAHLE TURBO SYSTEMS is a joint venture between R. BOSCH GmbH and MAHLE GmbH.  Both parent companies are well-established-, and globally active development partners. They are systems suppliers to original equipment manufacturers in a number of areas; including powertrains. Bosch Mahle Turbo Systems develops and produces tailor-made exhaust gas turbochargers for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Nimex Sisu diesel

The exhaust-gas turbocharger: a growing business segment …

Exhaust-gas turbochargers are a key technology to enhance performance, reduce fuel consumption, and lower exhaust emissions. When fitted to direct-injection diesel engines, they reduce fuel consumption by up to 25 percent compared with similar gasoline engine with duct injection. For this reason, they have taken over almost the entire market segment. The trend with gasoline engines is toward downsizing, that is to say, a reduction in cubic capacity for the same power output. This is achievable by turbocharging, since the high power-to-capacity ratio of these engines requires an increase in the air mass supplied to the engine. This is only attainable by supercharging. Inevitably, the number of turbocharged gasoline engines will undergo a significant rise worldwide.

Maintenance & care.

The turbocharger is designed to last for the service life of the engine. The required monitoring is restricted to few periodic checks that should be made during every engine service. One condition for achieving longevity, however, is exact compliance with the engine manufacturer's servicing specifications - e.g. oil change intervals, oil-filter system maintenance, oil-pressure checks, cleaning all filter systems, and regular, professional filter changes. What is especially important when maintenance work is conducted on the air filter system: No foreign particles may enter the turbocharger.


MAHLE OE technologies for the aftermarket.

MAHLE is one of the technology leaders and system developers in the field of internal combustion engines and engine peripherals. It is also a long-standing business partner to international automotive and engine manufacturers in the development and production of high-loaded turbocharger components.

In particular, efficiency profits from downsizing engines. Efficiency is all the higher, the better the technologies involved are matched, such as exhaust-gas turbocharger, fuel injection technology, variable valve timing, exhaust-gas recirculation, and charge-air cooling. The MAHLE Downsizing Engine was specially designed and certainly made an impressive statement as a technology demonstrator—it is capable of achieving a CO2 reduction of up to 30 percent.

As part of the systematic enhancement of the product portfolio for the aftermarket, MAHLE is now supplementing their range with turbocharger systems for high-performance and high fuel-economy diesel and gasoline engines. Not only that, they're placing their innovative MAHLE turbocharger technologies at the disposal of the retail trade and to car repair shops.


Are you in need of a turbo, want terms and conditions on quantities, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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