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Classic car services

Have a classic car and you don't know where to find engine parts for it ?  Have a classic car and you want it to be rebuild in a propper way, by someone who knows what he's doing ?  Look no further, you're at the right address.

Nimex is led by people who have years of experience in the automotive branch.  We have a wide web of contacts and suppliers and we can find the parts you need for your classic engine.  Tell us what engine part you're looking for and we'll try to find it in the best possible quality for the best possible price.

Do you want the rebuild your engine in a propper way, but can't find a propper engine rebuilder or someone you can trust ?  Don't look any further.  Rebuilding the engine of your classic car is a job that has to be done in a propper way.  It's not the same as a young engine.  Your classic car deserves an engine that has been rebuild with lots of love and care.  In other words your car deserves a second life that lasts... 

In Belgium we have some of the best engine rebuilders, specialized in rebuilding your classic engine.  We can offer a complete service that includes picking up the engine at your place, getting it to the right engine rebuilder and deliver it right back at your door step fully reconditioned.

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